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Our company is located in Liuhe Economic Development Zone, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 35,000 square meters and a building area of nearly 15,000 square meters. Jiangsu ChangNuo New Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009, has always paid attention to the environmental performance of its products.


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Care about the physical properties and service life of the product. Pay attention to the improvement of the internal value of the enterprise, and care about the needs of users and the satisfaction of customer needs.
Changnuo Sports has been committed to the excellent operation of the company's four major systems: R&D system, production system, marketing system, and after-sales system.

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Our company provides customers with OEM/ODM services. We can provide customized services according to customer needs. Customers provide us with specific customized requirements, including product drawings, colors, specifications, etc., and our company can provide complete solutions based on specific programs. 

Our company can provide complete supporting services according to specific plans. While providing customers with high-quality and high-quality products, it saves costs and improves efficiency.


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Changnuo Sports has the Nanjing Sports Surface Material Engineering Technology Research Center, which is committed to product development and innovation.


CN Sports's engineering technology research center was recognized as the Nanjing sports surface material engineering technology research center in September 2016. The research center has a young, high-quality, and enterprising scientific research team, which brings together top technical talents from many well-known domestic manufacturers, and prepares strong human resources for the company's current and future technology development and new product development.

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In recent years, it has increased the research and development of new materials technology, and established cooperation with Nanjing Institute of Technology. Through the combination of production, education and research and other forms of technical cooperation and exchange activities, joint research and development work has been carried out, and the research and development of the engineering center has been further strengthened. Make the R&D operation of the engineering center one of the key strategic goals of enterprise development.

At present, the Engineering Technology Research Center has a research and development room, a chemical testing room, a chromatographic room, a testing department, a research and development office space, and a pilot test site, covering a total area of about 1,000 square meters. With an investment of more than 3 million yuan, it is equipped with more than 20 sets of more advanced testing, experiment, and processing equipment, and has the ability to undertake comprehensive engineering technology research and development experimental tasks.


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CN Sports has always attached great importance to technology research and development and innovation capacity building, always taking technology leadership as the core development strategy, and continuously increasing the scale of research and development investment. The company’s internal projects have carried out "a new type of cast-in-place polyurethane slurry production process, a polyurethane prepolymer to make a hybrid plastic track research, a micro-foam hybrid polyurethane synthetic material plastic track research" and many more Effective progress has been made in the research of these projects, and a series of scientific and technological achievements have been obtained. 14 patents have been authorized, including 3 inventions and 11 utility models.

In the past two years, CN Sports has 7 authorized patents, including 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. At the same time, it has applied for 1 invention patent and 9 utility model patents; participated in the drafting of 4 standards, including 2 national standards. 2 local standards.

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